KFK 2060

Q: In the future, what means of transportation will human beings take to travel? ?
A: The development of science and technology is not as far away as it seems. Until 2048, travel is still by plane and maglev train.

Q: Are you a human or a robot?
A: I am human.

Q: I see that you mentioned war and disease many times. Do these evil countries refer to the countries behind the war? What is the scale of this war? Are large nuclear weapons used? What are the areas where the biggest technological advances have been brought about after disruption?
A: A global war. The center is at the junction of the three states. Worse than the individual use of nuclear weapons. There was no technological progress after the war, but there was spiritual evolution, otherwise I wouldn’t be here.

Q: Where is the war?
A: It involves two world civilizations around the world, and the location is the junction of three continents. I can only say so much.

Q: Is the form of war still hand-to-hand and artillery disputes? Or is it more inclined to the type of data simulation?
A: There are piles of corpses and rivers of blood.

Q: When was the last major war in China, did it happen along the coast?
A: Not in mainland China. at the border of three states.

Q: Will there be wars in recent years?
A: There will be no global war before 2048. But the local war has not stopped.

Q: In what future year will the flooding occur?
A: There will be no floods in the future. But there will be heat waves and extreme heat.

Q: Will you be able to afford a house in 2060?
A: The house in 2060 is not a valuable substance.

Q: What can you buy for 100 yuan?
A: There is no “block” in the currency of 2060.

Q: Has the country started to allocate objects?
A: No.

Q: How is the state of the earth in all aspects? Has mankind found a clean and environmentally friendly alternative energy source? Are you all having a good time? More anxious or happier…
A: More anxious. Because famines, earthquakes, and wars are very frequent. Many people miss the good times between 2000 and 2030.

Q: Why are you coming to 2019?
A: Because there are a lot of things happening on earth this year, looking back, this is a turning point for mankind. In 2049, there is a smart card drama (you can understand it as a TV series on the Internet in 2019) called “2019”, which is a nostalgic chapter and is popular all over the world.

Q: Does America still exist? Can Trump be re-elected?
A: It still exists. Trump will continue to be re-elected, but he will face enormous pressure from loved ones and those who oppose him.

Q: Please tell me the lottery numbers for the next two two-color balls, thank you.
A: Sorry, I need to follow the constraints of time travel. So can’t answer this question.

Q: Is the South Pole still there?
A: Still there.

Q: Can humans travel to Mars?
A: No. But satellites can reach and orbit around, and a giant American company has developed a smart perspective project that can experience what you see on Mars, which is a bit similar to the virtual reality experience you are using now, but the smart perspective project is more immersive.

Q: What is the marriage rate?
A: Each country and nation is not the same. Most countries have low marriage rates.

Q: Will real estate bubble? Thanks.
A: When I was born, a house was not a valuable item. Old people talk about how expensive houses used to be, but it’s hard for me to imagine.

Q: Did you bring any money?
A: No. Because in 2060, paper is a luxury and all wealth will be digitized. I am blessed to be able to use paper in this world.

Q: How much will you buy the lottery ticket tomorrow?
A: I’m not going to answer questions that might change a person’s fate microscopically. The same below.

#twenty two
Q: Where did your data come from?
A: Statistics of the global population.

Q: Will the air quality be good then? Are we the most powerful country?
A: Air is not better. The first great power is in the West.

Q: How do you know about Douban?
A: Data detection in time travel.

Q: What year were you born in?
A: 2020.

Q: You will be born next year.
A: The law of travel is that you must enter the age before you were born. I will be out of here before 2020.

Q: What was the average life expectancy of people at that time? Are people generally better or worse?
A: Every country is different. Australia has the highest life expectancy. Good people will be better, bad people will be worse. There are good things, and there are more terrible things.

Q: Where are your parents now?
A: This is my privacy.

Q: Then when you came back, what did you do? Can everyone travel freely? How many years has it been possible to do this? Can you find a loved one and make something change?
A: As long as I follow the rules, I will not be discovered. Time travel is a privilege. I just drilled a Confucius for some reason. But I will not use this to engage in illegal behavior.

Q: Why do you use traditional Chinese characters? Can’t we use simplified characters?
A: That’s because I’ve been using traditional Chinese characters and I’m used to it. I can also use English.

Q: What is the meaning of your coming here?
A: It has already been answered above. 2019 is a special year and the year before I was born, I came here to take a look, and I want to give some kind reminders to people in 2019.

Q: What has the advancement of mobile communication technology changed? Will there be 6G 7G 8G like this in the future?
A: After 7G, it is no longer named after G. Because it has reached another stage, the time is after 2048.

Q: So how can we travel in time when we are in the present time and space?
A: There is no way. But you can experience the difference in time by changing the rhythm of your life slightly. Time is just a relative concept.

Q: What if you die here?
A: I will not die. But I may be discovered early by them and forced to leave here early.

Q: Where was your birthplace? Are there any travelers with you?
A: As far as I know, apart from me, there are only two legal channels who have had a short time travel. They came from the Far East in 2075 and 2062.

Q: Is transportation expensive? The price is not high, so what is the most expensive? Can everyone afford a house?
A: Public transportation in 2060 will be free. The more expensive consumer goods on a daily basis are fruit and milk, which only wealthy people can eat. Houses are built with extremely fast tools. Unless the very rich use wood as a material, most people can apply to build their own houses, and the cost is very cheap.

Q: What is the most emerging industry in the future?
A: After 2030, it will be the combination of artificial intelligence and cross-industry players, that is, various industries that are proficient in artificial intelligence development and programming. In addition, the game has entered another stage from 2035.

Q: Am I still alive?
A: I don’t know that. But in the second half of 2019, you need to stay away from the southern border provinces.

Q: Can you be specific about the southern border provinces?
A: Try to stay as far away from Nepal as possible.

Q: 1. Why did you join the Susan Miller Douban group? 2. Can humans marry robots? 3. Are there holographic travel and holographic games? That is to say, immersing yourself in the virtual world, a full-scale experience of sight, smell and taste?
A: 1. Data analysis. 2. Some countries have passed robot marriage laws after 2048. 3. The first such game will appear in 2035, in China.

Q: So sea level rise will cause many coastal cities to disappear, right?
A: There is also the heat and the collapse caused by the earthquake.

Q: Which provinces will be more livable in the future?
A: Yunnan after 2030 and Guizhou after 2048.

Q: How is the development of human science? Has the issue of gender equality changed? If so, can you still be called by male or female? How many genders will there be in the future?
A: Humanities tend to find common theories among different civilizations across the globe, but still fail. In some countries and regions, women still exist. In other regions, feminism is strong, but it also leads to chaos. The names of men and women have not changed because of the robot marriage law, and robots also have genders.

Q: Are robots expensive? Can it be made as real? Or custom made to look like we want?
A: From 2035, robots will be widely used in interactive games. In 2038, strong artificial intelligence will quantify production. Customization requires complex authorizations and legal provisions, which a few people in procurement robots do. Most of them are used in home organization, study, entertainment safety.

Q: This year doesn’t seem to be the so-called “eventful autumn”. Can you focus on the second half of the year to make this year so special that it attracts your attention? Or actually your personal reasons?
A: The second half of the year.

Q: When will robots be widely used, like mobile phones.
A: After 2038.

Q: Is the world’s largest brand still Apple? If not, in what field?
A: Apple declined when I was a child. The house printing company, the interactive game company, and the optical virtual reality glasses company were the three giants in the 1940s and 1950s.

Q: Has mankind overcome cancer?
A: Cancer has generally been overcome, but super bacteria cannot. In the 1950s, it caused serious disasters to mankind.

Q: Does religion still exist? Does human beings firmly believe that apart from science, there are other sciences that are not currently recognized? Like feng shui, divination, theology?
A: Religion continues to exist. People turned to the study of their relationship to the universe.

Q: Is Shenzhen suitable for survival?
A: After 2030, it is increasingly inappropriate.

Q: 1) Is it possible to travel to a more distant era, such as feudal society, or even Qin and Tang Dynasties. 2) What is the most common crime in your era?
A: 1. Dynasties with too little data and information are not suitable for travel, because there is no mechanism for communication.
2. The most common crimes are mathematical currency theft and fraud. Social credit is not centralized on a global scale, but has become decentralized in some countries and regions.
3. Basic programming will be incorporated into the basic education of junior high school and high school in the 1930s. The Gaokao continues to exist, but will no longer be a means of selection from 2038.

Q: How long could people live at that time? Is there a medicine that makes you happy? Were people very lonely at that time?
A: Humans have a deeper faculties in the depths of their spirits, which are closely associated with the universe beyond time and space. This is the second progress of mankind, but it happened after the war.

Q: In what ways is blockchain popularized? Will the future monetary system be based on the same system as Bitcoin?
A: The most widely used blockchain is some evil countries. Global powers still try to avoid decentralization of the monetary system.

Q: When did China’s housing prices begin to enter the downward channel?
A: I don’t remember the exact year. It’s not very clear in my memory, so it should be in the early 1920s.

Q: I saw you mentioned war and disease many times. Do these evil countries refer to the countries behind the war? What is the scale of this war and is it using large nuclear weapons? What are the areas where the biggest technological advances have been brought about after disruption? Thanks for the reply.
A: A global war. The center is at the junction of the three states. Worse than the individual use of nuclear weapons. There was no technological progress after the war, but there was spiritual evolution, otherwise I wouldn’t be here.

Q: Are you male or female?
A: I am male in 2060. When entering time travel, there is no more gender.

Q: Will there be aliens visiting from this year to 2060? Will humans develop superpowers? Did you still watch movies in those days? What superpowers did the superheroes of that era have?
A: Aliens will not be discovered, but life characteristics that have not been discovered before will be discovered, emerging from the ground and under the ocean. We prefer interactive games (before the war) to movies. After the war, we began to enter another phase.

Q: Is the happiness index of human beings higher? In which regions are people happier?
A: If it was just material happiness, before the 1930s, people were happy. If it is spiritual happiness, since the 1950s, mankind has entered another stage.

Q: What would you most like to say to us humans in 2019? In addition, does the traditional family ethical relationship of future parents, wives and children still exist? Will learning various foreign languages ​​now be useful in the future? Will the dream-making industry like film and television still exist in the future?
A: I hope people in 2019 can remember that the first half of the year was your best year, and the turbulence that entered the second half will be the normal state of mankind in the future. The relationship between parents, husband and child will appear weak in the turmoil. Many ethical things will become meaningless because of disasters, famines, and wars.
The language barrier will be completely removed after 2035

Q: Has magic been scientifically proven or falsified? Other supernatural imaginations like ghosts, other spaces, etc. What do you think?
A: After 2050, none of this is a mystery.

Q: If you pick a sci-fi movie that was released before 2019, which one would be the most similar to your current era in terms of conception and overall situation?
A: Almost none

Q: In your era, how do people view the era they lived in? Does it make people feel that this society is rising or declining? What judgments does your era have about the predictability of the future?
A: Good question. We are an era in which human history depends, and an unprecedented emphasis is placed on the development of inner civilization. Because many things are like the curtain being lifted after the war. For the real universe actually reached its peak. Human beings turn to true meaning because of suffering, which I personally think is progress. In the future we will enter another whole new stage, finally reaching a stage of unity of all things.

Q: 2048 is a year that you mentioned a lot in your answer. Is that a very special year?
A: Yes. Not only for China, but for the whole world.

Q: Will there be wars in recent years?
A: There will be no global war before 2048. But the local war has not stopped.

Q: Travelers, do you also need sleep?
A: The place where the sun is about to leave is where my journey begins. The place where the moonlight shines is where I stay. My travels are not limited here.

Q: Do you still choose other communication software? Which industries will disappear? Which industries will continue? In a society with highly developed information, how is the industry developing? How many far-reaching events will happen in the second half of this year? Mainly in a few months?
A: Apart from this, I did not choose any other communication mechanism. There’s a personal reason, but it’s my privacy.

Q: Will robots riot?
A: In the era I live in, there is no phenomenon of robots attacking humans autonomously. But the LAWS organization has insisted that the crisis exists.

Q: I really want to know if we can travel freely to other countries after 2030? Will studying abroad be affected? Please come back to me
A: After 2030, yes. But after 2048, travel and study abroad will be meaningless.

Q: What is scarce in 2060?
A: According to the current material measurement, all material will be scarce in 2060.

Q: Did the network wall still exist at that time?
A: After the global popularity of Wifi satellites, the wall does not exist. There are no walls in my teenage memory.

Q: Then in your era, will there still be special teachers to educate children? Does the school still exist?
A: exists.

Q: So what precautions should we take now or what should we pay attention to? Accumulate what can help us in the future.
A: You need to find a suitable place to live in the vast inland. Because extreme weather can lead to situations in which many cities cannot survive.

Q: Will you fall in love with someone in 2019?
A: My wife was born in 2019.

Q: 1. What impact has the nuclear radiation in Fukushima, Japan, brought about over the years? 2. Will people who have had myopia surgery be okay in 2060?
A: 1. There will be a bigger earthquake in Japan, and the capital will have to be moved.
2. In the 1930s, smart glasses were implanted into the eyeball and changed lives.

Q: I want to ask if Douban still exists?
A: The year 2060 is gone, but the data is still there.

Q: Are you from Taiwan? Use traditional characters.
A: I am not.

Q: When will China legalize homosexuality?
A: The same year of the global war.

Q: Did China lose the second Cold War?
A: It lasted for 30 years.

Q: What is mental illness?
A: After the 1950s, people discovered that the spirit is just a tool, easily affected by various laws. This is a great discovery.

Q: How good was the living and living environment in the United States at that time? Or is it the first country?
A: The United States was the last empire before the war. The EU is the deciding factor in the war. China and India will be another force in the East.

Q: Tell me if the current market is suitable for stock trading?
A: In my youth, the global stock market lost all meaning in an hour.

Q: How is the development of sociology in China in 2060?
A: Sociology has lost its meaning.

Q: Which industry will develop better in the future, do you still drink milk tea? Do you still eat hot pot? Are celebrities still in demand? Which city is developing best?
A: Some milk teas are luxury goods. Hot pot is often eaten before 2048.

Q: Are you from Taiwan? Why type traditional characters?
A: I was born in Shanghai.

Q: ? While saying that 2019 is the year before I was born, I said that the house was not a valuable item when I was born, that is, the house will be cheaper next year?
A: I don’t care much about houses. I can only give an impression. In short, in the 1920s, houses became worthless.

Q: What is the name of the most popular game of the entire system? what type?
A: OS for short, nostalgic theme.

Q: Will you still use smartphones in the future? Otherwise, where did you find a smartphone? Also, why use traditional Chinese characters?
A: The communication mechanism of time travel is difficult to explain to you in the past. Traditional is just a language check.

Q: Was the third world war fought?
A: I did.

Q: Will there be a marriage system in the future? How many wives can I marry?
A: This practice continues in the Middle East.

Q: Excuse me, you said you wanted to give a kind reminder to people in 2019, but after reading the post, I didn’t see anything to remind us, so I can only say 2…
A: If nothing happens, I will Will stay on the last day of December 31, 2019, and leave to witness these upcoming events with you.

Q: Will 2020-2030 be tough?
A: Some countries are.

Q: Is it still meaningful to learn a small language now?
A: Greek or Hebrew is more meaningful.

Q: Did TFBOYS disband?
A: A banquet that never ends.

Q: Your journey has changed the future, so what we have is not the same future, right?
A: My form is not the same as you understand the time travel, so I will not change the future, and no one will really believe me, but I will remind the person I want to remind here, until decades later to her cause an impact.

Q: Are you here to preach?
A: No.

Q: What is the full name? Which company made it? Is EA still around? How is Blizzard doing? Don’t programmers know that OS stands for operating system? Which PM passed this name? Do PMs still need to be certified to work at that time?
A: No.

Q: Is your travel also based on the theory of parallel universes? If you say that it will not cause changes in the future, will there be parallel universes in the future?
A: There is no parallel universe. Only time watchers.

Q: Landlord, it’s a pleasure to meet you on Douban. I believe that this is an extraordinary day since I saw this post. I am honored to witness the extraordinary second half of 2019 with you. There are several questions that I would like to discuss with you.
1. In 2060, there will be a shortage of supplies. Will dog precepts prevail?
2. In 2060, human beings will pay more attention to inner exploration and the relationship between man and the universe, which coincides with the inner philosophies of many religions. Does this mean that the founders of religions are also likely to be time travelers?
3. In 2060, human beings will be able to explore in space. Is there a development direction for developing space resources to solve the shortage of human resources and to be a predator of cosmic resources?
A: In 2060, people have become full of awe and have more explorations of the unseen world. Matter has been the most despised in nearly a thousand years.

Q: Where is China in the Third World War? Is there a team?
A: Confronting the United States, the European Union, and Israel. Alliance with Middle East India.

Q: It took 29 years to go from 5G to 7G?
A: Yes, the latter is more complicated than the former.

Q: Did cats, dogs, pets and other animals still exist in your era?
A: Continue to exist. But there are worthwhile changes in the relationship between animals and humans.

Q: Is the game open source? What programming language is it written in? What was the language you took the test when you were in school? Which company developed it? Interactive games they…
A: Interactive games are based on printing technology, eye science, and robot customization.

Q: In 2060, what scientific theory will be popular? ? Is quantum mechanics, which is popular in 2019, still a science in 2060? Or has it been overturned?
A: The observer problem is solved in 2049. The meaning of the existence of time is resolved.

Q: When did the last major event happen?
A: August

Q: Time travel for so long, which era do you like the most? ?
A: It’s 2019, it’s a good year.

Q: Animals and people, the qualitative change, can you talk about it specifically? Are animals better protected? Are there any pet protection laws? Is it illegal to kill cats and dogs for nothing?
A: Animals and people live in peace. The same is true among animals

Q: When will Taiwan return?
A: There will be an event in 2022-2023.

Q: Newton predicted that 2060 would be the end of the world. You are from 2060. Did something happen in 2060 that made you travel back to 2019 as a time traveler?
A: My understanding is not the end of the world, but entering another stage.

Q: 1 What is the relationship between Canada and Russia in the future, and do you want to study abroad 2 When will automatic driving become popular? Is it not necessary to take a driver’s license? 3 Are there any new words or fashionable Internet words in your era? Thanks to the landlord for answering
A: 1. Two different camps 2. Autopilot in China was not a successful experiment in the end.

Q: Hello, landlord, welcome to 2019! My next question is whether psychology was popular as a science in your day?
A: 2060 does not have psychology, because it does not solve psychological problems.

Q: Which country are you from?
A: I was born in Shanghai, China. Immigrate to Australia after 2048.

Q: Is it possible to freeze a corpse and then resurrect it? ?
A: I haven’t heard of it.

Q: What about Russia?
A: The surface is neutral.

Q: Will the religious issues in the Middle East hurt China, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Vietnam, and the Philippines if the alliance with the Middle East and India is made?
A: North Korea will change soon.

Q: How was Shanghai before you moved to, as always, the national economic center?
A: It has always been the best city in China.

Q: How to prove that you are not a prankster, and is there any major problem with the frequent earthquakes in Sichuan recently?
A: Earthquakes will be frequent in the second half of the year.

Q: Landlord, did paper books disappear completely, and if so, when did they disappear?
A: Paper books have not disappeared completely, but they are no longer popular and are used as collectibles and auctions.

Q: After the landlord left in 2019, will all the traces left by you, including this post, disappear?
A: The message will not disappear. But “I” will disappear.

Q: In the 1920s and 1930s, which industries are suitable for employment and can get the biggest dividends?
A: In the mid and late 1920s, they were engaged in organic agriculture. My impression is that the relatives of the producers of organic agriculture are very wealthy.

Q: Can I work from home without going to work? A lot of work can be done with just an eyeball implant, right, without sitting in an office at a computer?
A: 20 years of working from home has been realized in many industries in the 1920s. .

Q: Is Shanghai still safe in this era?
A: It is safe until 2048.

Q: Looking back at the past in 2060, what kind of experience does it feel like the Republic of China or the remoteness like primitive people?
A: What you were happy about in 2019 will not be happy in the future. The things you worry about in 2019 will not worry you in the future. What you thought in 2019, you will not think in the future.

Q: Why do you keep silent when you ask the Taiwan question?
A: I have answered. I will not repeat the question.

Q: Will the Chinese women’s volleyball team win the Tokyo Olympics?
A: No. There was an accident at the Tokyo Olympics.

Q: Has there been a female president in our country?
A: If you are asking about the head of state, no. But there are female chairmen of other organizations.

Q: In 2060, is the earth still under the control of the Illuminati? Has the Illuminati revealed his true colors? Are their upper echelons aliens?
A: I have never heard of the Illuminati’s control of the earth in the era I lived in.

Q: Does Japan still exist?
A: Existed, but lost half of it.

Q: When will the next economic crisis be?
A: Chinese Year of the Tiger.

Q: Hello, landlord, I would like to ask what is the state of religion in the world after 2048?
A: Unify.

Q: Landlord, I want to ask you a few questions! 1. Which country will host the 2032 Summer Olympics? 2. Who will be the next leader of Taiwan? 3. In the second half of this year, which is the most popular movie in China?
A: 1. Jakarta
2. If you ask about 2020, it is the same person as the previous one.

Q: Have you explored the mysteries after death?
A: Yes.

Q: Did you discover the existence of the Creator in your time?
A: Yes.

Q: Can you try to understand the following content kan bu dong pin yin ba. da pian zi.
A: I can understand.

Q: What causes wars?
A: The conflict between religion and civilization.

Q: So where is psychology turning? Do you study brain science? Or consciousness?
A: Spiritualism that is deeper than the psychological level.

Q: Do you currently exist in the form of data?
A: In a sense, yes.

Q: What was the average life expectancy of people at that time?
A: Because the factors of global wars and earthquakes are included, it is much lower than it is now.

Q: I saw someone say that in the next 30 years, all cities in Asia except Japan and Taiwan will disappear overnight, and all of Africa will disappear in one night. Only white people will be left on the earth to maintain the new order of the earth, so I hear you say China Will it still exist in the future?
A: exists.

Q: The landlord may have gone to rest, but he didn’t return. I didn’t expect that the landlord with similar data needs to rest?
A: For violent posts, I will fly away like a dove.

Q: Is the landlord a Taiwanese? The mainland usually calls it “Intelligent”.
A: I have already answered. I will not lie.

Q: What do you mean by spiritual improvement?
A: Commonly known as the spiritual world.

Q: In which year will the flood outbreak occur?
A: There will be no floods in the future. But there will be heat waves and extreme heat.

Q: Seriously, I am wondering which city is better in the future, Beijing, Shanghai or New Zealand!
A: There will be a strong earthquake in New Zealand. Shanghai is better.

Q: Do you know anything about Alzheimer’s disease? When was it conquered?
A: After the war. Memories are not forgotten, they are just sealed.

Q: Will China unify Taiwan in 2020?
A: No.

Q: Do you know that your posting these remarks will directly affect the future and destiny of some people who read the post. If you raise your head three feet, there is a god, and there will be retribution for the ostomy industry. Guess how much karma you earned from this post? Don’t worry, all of them will be recorded in your name and will be retributed to you one by one.
A: Your theory comes from Buddhism. In 2049 people will find that those are all lies of wisdom.

Q: When was the last large-scale war in China, did it happen along the coast?
A: Not in mainland China. at the border of three states.

Q: My sister was just born this year. Please offer some growth advice for their generation from your point of view.
A: Keep being kind. In the future, people’s inner qualities will determine their destiny.

Q: Or do you like being a writer Kafka?
A: In the 1950s, we knew more about Planet 3412 than the writer himself.

Q: Has China gone downhill significantly since 2019?
A: I will take the road of nationalism.

Q: You Are you the same size as us?
A: Same.

Q: Can you talk about the principle of time travel?
A: It cannot be understood in the material realm, and it is not the shuttle of the flesh. It is the transmission of message, consciousness, rehma, spirit.

Q: When did you start the comprehensive garbage classification in Shanghai?
A: I was born with garbage sorting.

Q: I have a question, do you need to sleep and fast in your current state? Or the kind of state that can be online 24 hours?
A: I followed Shadow Action for two weeks.

Q: Then, where in the world is suitable for you to live in? Is the Nordic, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden suitable? Thank you
A: Europe will be the birthplace of war.

Q: I would like to ask, if there is a creator according to what you said, how would you understand destiny? Is fate really certain? How much individual effort is needed. . .
A: Destiny is a word from the past. We call it destiny. Personal destiny just floats like dust. Destiny is a definite result. There is destiny, and individual efforts can speed up the fulfillment of that destiny. It can also be delayed. This is the meaning of time.

Q: Do you want to remind her that she is in the poor travel group?
A: It exists in two places that I am concerned about at the same time.
(KFK has followed the Qyouyou Group and Susan Miller Group on Douban)

Q: Is your name KFK an abbreviation of your full name?
A: No. After the 1930s, Chinese four-character names became popular.

Q: Then again, what other places in the world are suitable for living? How is Western Australia? I don’t have big dreams, I just want to do my best for my family. . .
A: Western Australia is relatively stable.

Q: If I kill your parents now, will you still be born early next year? Purely a philosophical question. .
A: You can’t change what has happened

Q: The lies of wisdom, as well as the previously mentioned unity of all things, spirit > matter. This is a very original state of life, and I look forward to this day. However, judging from the current social and spiritual environment, it is difficult to achieve this in 2060, unless there is a major change in the spiritual level. Some wondered how war would bring about a spiritual transformation.
A: Extreme circumstances make people humble.

Q: Is the form of war still a hand-to-hand artillery dispute? Or is it more inclined to the type of data simulation?
A: There are piles of corpses and rivers of blood?

Q: I would also like to ask if I can understand it as, what we consider literature, painting, sculpture, film, and games, these art forms that exist in material form or symbolic form, in the form of interactive systems, in the era you came from, Becoming a “bridge” or “passage” associated with inner development?
A: They can be shadows of shadows.

Q: So the kindness, courage, love, and beauty in the heart can be summed up in the “shadow”?
A: No. The less visible, the more physical. Such as a kind character, a soft heart.

Q: Do you have mind reading skills?
A: After 2060, the human heart will be exposed, and there is no need to interpret it.

Q: What do you use to post Douban now? What kind of mobile phone?
A: In the 1930s, mobile phones became history.

Q: How do you use traditional characters? Are you from Taiwan? .
A: I have nothing to do with Taiwan. From 2020 to 2048, I lived in Shanghai, followed by Kunshan, Huzhou, Ningbo.
I lived in Australia from 2048 to 2060.
Using traditional Chinese characters is just an option for travel, so as to avoid the information attracting attention and being forced out of here.

Q: Has cell phone become history? Then, what will you replace the function of mobile phones in the future?
A: It was first called the Internet of Things, and later it was chip implantation.

Q: Sir, are you a liberal arts student?
A: In the 1930s, there was no more liberal arts.

Q: Am I married to Wu Yifan?
A: This star existed in my childhood memory. There is an impressive hot news.

Q: Then why do you have the Taiwanese’s oral addiction?
A: In the future, people in East Asia will have a high degree of cultural integration. Maybe you are not used to it, but if your younger generation lives in a big city, they will talk like this.

Q: Yes, I would also like to ask if you have any suggestions for the development of today’s young people looking back from the future.
A: Maintain kindness and awe.

Q: 1. Do you travel through time and space through technology or the occult method?
2. Whether the creator was discovered by humans or appeared automatically, will he communicate with humans?
A: 1. Both.
2. I can’t tell yet.

Q: In the face of our doubts about you, do you have anything to say?
A: No.

Q: Landlord, you said that you wanted to remind someone and said something so mysterious, did you want to attract some people to privately message you and then trick them into doing bad things? I have seen a lot of scams like this that may offend you, but I think it’s better for me to remind others
A: I’m just leaving traces here.

Q: Is your current data state omniscient? Know everything about your internet connection?
A: No one can be omniscient and omnipotent. We just entered another realm of perception. Human beings are bound by material things and cannot comprehend. When one is freed from bondage, one will understand everything.

Q: Will there be Sina Weibo in 2060?
A: No.

Q: Where did Japan move its capital to?
A: Moved the capital to Okayama.

Q: Landlord, I am taking the college entrance examination this year, and the results will be released tomorrow. I am now in a state where I cannot see the future, I am very confused, I am very sad, and I feel that there is no hope in life.
A: Live well. Born in the early 20s, you will face the most special life. Time is not meaningless.

Q: How is the development of Europe?
A: Because of the infiltration of Middle Eastern religions, the whole thing seems weak until a strong person appears. The war started because of him and ended with him. The world shook and everything changed.

Q: Can you read our hearts from the future? ?
A: Yes. Including your anxiety, sadness, emptiness, irritability, anger, doubt, ignorance, rebellion, helplessness, helplessness, and panic.

Q: Will there be any changes in China after the G20 summit in a few days? Or what kind of relationship will Japan and South Korea have with China according to the second Cold War you mentioned earlier? ?
A: Japan and South Korea are neutral on the surface.

Q: You said that Europe will be in danger. Is it suitable to study in the UK in 2020-21? Or is it dangerous to study in Japan? ?
A: Europe in the 1920s, especially Britain, was relatively safe.

Q: Wow, what do you think of me? I’m curious, although I feel like you won’t be answered.
A: The other side of inferiority complex is uncertainty about the unknown. This character trait is beautiful.

Q: Landlord, I would like to ask: 1. Is the reduction of the population from 8 billion to 5.3 billion mainly due to disease or war? 2. Is there still an accounting profession in the era you live in?
A: 1. Both.
2. No more accounting.

Q: Since I don’t want to answer what happened to Chinese medicine, what can you see from me~
A: It’s easy to be deceived.

Q: What does it mean when you say that there will be accidents on the southern border and that Yunnan and Guizhou are livable?
A: The time and place are different.

Q: There is a saying that the author of Doraemon is actually a person from the future. He created the image of Doraemon as his own miniature based on what he saw and heard. The props in it will be gradually realized in the future, and Nobita. Waiting is a microcosm of people decades ago, is this true?
A: No.

Q: What is the future of France?
A: Weak.

Q: Actually, I would like to ask how Xiaomi developed in the 1930s? Does it still exist? Personally, I think his products are not bad, but the marketing is poor. I want to know if I have gotten rid of the quagmire of poor marketing?
A: The Cold War was comprehensive. No tech company can escape

Q: Does my question relate to your rules? Why don’t you answer me 1. Did human beings in your era try to convert everyone to ideology and exist in a database to achieve immortality? 2. Does the final unification of religions have anything to do with science?
A: It has nothing to do with what you asked.

Q: At that time, was the doctoral level of the whole world reached?
A: Doctors were no longer respected in China in the 1930s.

Q: Are you going to study in Italy? Is it safe for this country in the future?
A: Relatively safe, but there will still be accidents.

Q: In other words, the Cold War lasted until 2048, and then the world war broke out in the same year. This battle changed a lot of material and spiritual things around the world, is that true? How long did the war last?
A: More than three years.

Q: Has the weather been abnormal recently? How extreme will the future climate be? Can current technology overcome it? Which aspect of human life is most affected?
A: It cannot be overcome. The biggest impact is that people lose mutual trust and sense of security.

Q: Is your name an abbreviation of Kafka? If so I might understand your experiment.
A: No.

Q: Hello, I have a favorite idol. But he is hated by many people now. Although I don’t really believe that you are a real time traveler (sorry), after reading your reply, I think you are a relatively rational person. So, can you please answer my question? Beginning in the second half of 2019, a Chinese idol named Cai Xukun, will he be accepted by more people? In other words, can people’s thoughts be less extreme? thanks.
A: I don’t remember this person.

Q: Is the destiny you told you about the same range?
A: No.

Q: Will quantum mechanics be explained in the future?
A: Yes. Observer problem solved.

Q: Is this a special era?
A: Yes.

Q: The landlord will swipe the screen without answering my question. Why do you avoid my question? There is still more than a month left in August 2019, and it is you who said in the building When the first time happened, what happened in the southern border of China near Nepal, didn’t you say you want to witness it together? Why don’t you make it clear?
A: You will know when the time comes. No need to ask.

Q: What is the future of China’s film and television industry and the quality of films and TV series?
A: The quality is not good.

Q: Hello, is same-sex marriage legal in China? How do people view human rights?
A: In the year I traveled, it was legal in some areas.

Q: Has Chinese film progressed? Will it be more open?
A: No.

Q: Partly, is China like the United States, where each province has its own legislation?
A: I mean 2019, Taiwan.

Q: Landlord, I would like to ask you, would there still be a module on ideological education in university education at that time? Is counseling an industry that will exist? What role does it play in university education?
A: 2019-2030 counselors are particularly important.

Q: Is the Japanese ancestor Xu Fu? Where did Xu Fu go with a boatload of boys and girls in the end?
A: No.

Q: Where did Xu Fu go with a boatload of people? Where did they end up living?
A: I don’t know.

Q: In what ways does language become accessible?
A: IoT synchronous perception.

Q: Can you answer how much is one bitcoin on your side?
A: No longer exists.

Q: Excuse me, if you could give the three most important suggestions to young and middle-aged people in 2019, what would be it?
A: Stop the way of life that is like a donkey turning a mill, stop and think for a while, and think about the purpose of your life.

Q: What is the future of Brazil?
A: Confusion.

Q: Thank you anyway. I said that I believe that people’s beliefs are powerful. By the way, how is the situation in Spain?
A: The same fate as the whole of Europe.

Q: 1. For people living in two major civilizations, even the same race across the strait has opposite predictions about the future in 2019, such as the outcome of a war in East Asia in the 1920s. I don’t know if you are willing to describe what happened? 2. If you want to save yourself and your fellow citizens, and rethink the meaning of your civilization, what advice do you have? 3. How should you be addressed? Hope to meet you by chance, thank you.
A: The local war ended with a peace agreement.

Q: Can you tell us something about the overthrow of physics by quantum mechanics? very interested.
A: Observers and creators.

The password left by KFK for all sentient beings in 2019:

Q: What will the future marriage and sexual relations look like?
A: China as a whole remains unchanged, relatively conservative.

Q: Have you seen “Tom and Jerry”?
A: I didn’t have one in my childhood. But I’ve seen Peppa Pig.

Q: Didn’t you just say that using traditional Chinese is out of habit?
A: In the 1930s, there was a Chinese cultural movement to return to traditional Chinese characters.

Q: Why do you remember each time point so clearly?
A: Some are what I have experienced, and some can be consulted in the communication mechanism.

Q: I have asked several questions but no reply, can you tell me what you think of me?
A: Ordinary people who are unwilling to be ordinary.

Q: Landlord, when will men and women have equal rights?
A: It was never reached before the war.

Q: In what direction is Chinese art developing?
A: It’s just a tool.

Q: Will the most common occupations in 2019, such as lawyers, accountants, civil servants, teachers, and doctors, continue to exist in your era?
A: From 2048 to 2060, teachers and doctors continued to exist.

Q: Then why did you immigrate to Australia? ? ? ?
A: Family and safety.

Q: Will there be some musical instruments in your era that don’t exist yet in 2019?
A: Virtual guitar, virtual saxophone, etc. They don’t need to be carried around.

Q: Has the cockroach been exterminated?
A: It has always existed.

Q: I really want to know which year the tension between China and Canada began. I will ask again.
A: 2019.

Q: Do you remember Huang Zitao? Will he be hot in the future?
A: His marriage is not good.

Q: Will civil servants be as stable as they are now?
A: There will be no civil servants after 2048.

Q: Zhang Yixing, do you remember?
A: A veteran actor who plays a supporting role.

Q: Who do you want to influence? Who do you want to see that post, since you said you were born in 2020, are you going to show this post to your parents? Your parents played Douban when they were young? And this group? How can you be sure they will know you are their child?
A: She just got pregnant.

Q: Will the Red Decade happen again?
A: No. But there will be controls.

Q: I have asked the landlord many times, is there any religion that is more “advanced” and closer to the post-2048 cognition? Is the owner religious?
A: After that, religion no longer exists, and cognition shifts to a person that transcends religion.

Q: 1. Will this world be better? 2. Will China’s ideological controls last forever? 3. How can an ordinary person gain a foothold in the future? Which of the civil servants, schools and enterprises will be better developed?
A: No. Can. Follow your heart.

Q: I can’t think of a problem, but I won’t give up! I wonder if money will still mean a lot in the future? Is money worship more serious? Will the gap between the rich and the poor widen?
A: Within an hour, after the global financial system collapses, people will stop worshipping money and turn to the pursuit of inner civilization.

Q: Landlord, you are going to be popular, do you know? Someone will find you.
A: I will leave before then.

Q: What does the landlord think of me? I’m very curious. Reply.
A: The outward laughter is just a cover up.

Q: Can I marry in this lifetime?
A: Twice.

Q: How can a financial system built over so many years collapse within an hour?
A: Before the collapse, the people at the time didn’t believe it and said exactly the same thing as you.

KFK: No more answering personal questions.
KFK: No longer answer any questions about stars and idols.

Q: Does the pushback map forecast match the future?
A: Disrupted, only partial anastomosis.

Q: Are Chinese and Americans the same creator?
A: Genes come from the same source.

Q: Landlord, I sincerely ask you for advice. This is also the question I am most concerned about. From your point of view, can people not be so caught off guard when facing the future by practicing in this era? Can it increase the depth of the soul?
A: The basis of practice is wrong, so it is useless.

Q: When are you going back?
A: It is possible at any time.

Q: There is only one question. If the marriage rate will decrease, in the future world, will there be more answers to the form of living alone until old age and the society’s handling of pension issues? Can people who live alone still be happy and prosperous?
A: A large number of elderly self-funded centers. Elders and shareholders.

Q: Since you cannot change the micro-fate of modern people and the historical laws of social development, what is the significance of your kind reminder? What role do you hope to play when you so-called crossing back? It feels like you’re running away from the problem and alarmist? What do you think?
A: I only state the facts.

Q: When will euthanasia be legal in China?
A: Not all the time.

Q: Why? Ask for details.
A: After life rots, it will still rot if it is repaired. The best way is to bury, to give new life to union. Repair is the wrong way.

Q: Do you still read poetry? Will there be a decline in female suicide rates in the future?
A: Read another kind of poem. Suicide rates have not declined.

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